Best Papers of HPDC (1992-2012)

The process: the entire HPDC community was invited to nominate best papers over the past 20 years and provide rationale for selecting such papers such as impact factor, scientific novelty, impact on practice, and so forth. Over 40 papers were identified. A small committee then further evaluated and scored these 40 papers and then selected 22 from this list.
1Forecasting Network Performance To Support Dynamic Scheduling Using The Network Weather ServiceRichard Wolski1997IEEE
2Autopilot: Adaptive Control Of Distributed ApplicationsRandy L. Ribler, Jeffrey S. Vetter, Huseyin Simitci, Daniel A. Reed 1998IEEE
3Condor-g: A Computation Management Agent For Multi-institutional GridsJames Frey, Todd Tannenbaum, Miron Livny, Ian T. Foster, Steven Tuecke2001IEEE
4Dynamic Virtual Clusters In A Grid Site ManagerJeffrey S. Chase, David E. Irwin, Laura E. Grit, Justin D. Moore, Sara Sprenkle2003IEEE
5Grid Information Services For Distributed Resource SharingKarl Czajkowski, Carl Kesselman, Steven Fitzgerald, Ian T. Foster2001IEEE
6Nimrod: A Tool For Performing Parameterised Simulations Using Distributed WorkstationsDavid Abramson, Rok Sosic, Jonathan Giddy, B. Hall 1995ACM
7Scheduling From The Perspective Of The ApplicationFrancine Berman and Richard Wolski1996IEEE
8Application Experiences With The Globus ToolkitSharon Brunett, Karl Czajkowski, Steven Fitzgerald, Ian Foster, Andrew Johnson, Carl Kesselman, Jason Leigh, Steven Tuecke1998IEEE
9Matchmaking: Distributed Resource Management For High Throughput ComputingRajesh Raman, Miron Livny, Marvin H. Solomon1998IEEE
10Moon: Mapreduce On Opportunistic EnvironmentsHeshan Lin, Xaisong Ma, Jeremy Archuleta, Wu-chun Feng, Mark Gardner, Zhe Zhang2010IEEE
11The Cactus Code: A Problem Solving Environment For The GridG Allen, W Benger, T Goodale, HC Hege, G2000IEEE
12The Core Legion Object ModelMichael J. Lewis, Andrew S. Grimshaw1996IEEE
13Toward A Common Component Architecture For High-performance Scientific ComputingRob Armstrong, Dennis Gannon, Al Geist, Katarzyna Keahey, Scott Kohn, Lois McInnes, Steve Parker, Brent Smolinski 1999IEEE
14Wow: Self-organizing Wide Area Overlay Networks Of Virtual WorkstationsArijit Ganguly, Abhishek Agrawal, P. Boykin, Renato Figueiredo2006IEEE
15An Empirical Study Of The Multiscale Predictability Of Network TrafficY. Qiao, J. Skicewicz, P. Dinda2004IEEE
16Webos: Operating System Services For Wide Area ApplicationsAmin Vahdat, Thomas E. Anderson, Michael Dahlin, E. Belani, David E. Culler, P. Eastham 1998IEEE
17An Enabling Framework For Master-worker Applications On The Computational GridJean-pierre Goux, Sanjeev Kulkarni, Jeff Linderoth, Michael Yoder2000IEEE
18An Online Credential Repository For The Grid: MyproxyJason Novotny, Steven Tuecke, Von Welch 2001IEEE
19Decoupling Computation And Data Scheduling In Distributed Data-intensive ApplicationsKavitha Ranganathan, Ian Foster2002IEEE
20Planetp: Using Gossiping To Build Content Addressable Peer-to-peer Information Sharing CommunitiesFrancisco Matias Cuenca-acuna, Christopher Peery, Richard P. Martin, Thu D. Nguyen2003IEEE
21Resource Co-allocation In Computational GridsKarl Czajkowski, Ian T. Foster, Carl Kesselman 1999IEEE
22Security For Grid ServicesVon Welch, Frank Siebenlist, Ian T. Foster, John Bresnahan, Karl Czajkowski, Jarek Gawor, Carl Kesselman, Sam Meder, Laura Pearlman, Steven Tuecke2003IEEE