PhD Symposium schedule

The PhD Symposium is scheduled for June 6, 2:00pm - 3:40pm, in parallel with the EU Track. The schedule of the presentations is the following:


(#14) Towards a Comprehensive Approach to Resource and Conflict Management in Cloud-Edge Settings
Authors: Jacopo Massa

(#73) A Runtime Infrastructure for the Continuum of Computing
Authors: Edoardo Tinto, Tullio Vardanega

(#99) Trade-off Analysis between Knowledge Distillation and Federated Learning in Distributed Edge Systems
Authors: Molo Mbasa Joaquim

(#59) Full-Stack Revision of Memory and Data Management in PDES on Multi-Core Machines
Authors: Federica Montesano

(#91) Efficient Stream Join Processing: Novel Approaches and Challenges
Authors: Adeel Aslam, Giovanni Simonini

(#37) Semantic-Aware Log Understanding and Analysis
Authors: Shaohan Huang, Zhongzhi Luan

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